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Gait analysis by amphibian king

Established in the summer of 2006, we were the first Store in Ireland to offer expert Gait Analysis. This ensures that we help you find the right shoe for how your foot naturally functions.

You can rely on us, trust us to always select the technically perfect shoe. The perfect shoes will carry you to fitness, health or a dream by keeping you injury free, performing better and being super comfortable.

You are going to walk out WOW'd by our service and your new shoes.

The fitting process

  1. Your running history - We discuss your training, injury history and future goals.
  2. Foot assessment – We measure your feet for size, width and arch height.
  3. Gait Analysis- Using our purpose built app and iPad, we analyse your unique running gait by looking at how your feet naturally move barefoot on our purpose built running track. Foot type, foot strike and degree of pronation is analysed on camera.
  4. Which Shoe For You – Based on specific goals and needs, we suggest a range of of running shoes suitable for you.
  5. The Right Shoe For You – These options are then tested outside and on our running track and further gait analysis is used to find the right (and left) shoe for you.

gait analysis

Running shoes are the only piece of equipment a runner will ever need. Figuring out what shoe you need can be tricky.  We help you figure out what shoe you need and what suits your unique running style/gait. Finding the right shoe can make a world of difference in terms of comfort and help avoid injuries and make your running more enjoyable.